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Politics in Modern America

eagle-219679_640Politics are one of the few topics in modern culture that are often considered “Taboo” in conversation. People often have varying (and extremely passionate) opinions on certain political matters that can turn even the most mild-mannered conversation into a hotly contested and “ugly” debate. Unlike some other opinions that a person may have on varying subjects, political opinions are a completely different animal and are largely influenced a person’s affiliation with a certain party (Republican / Democrat).

In politics and in a political way of thinking, it is not always based on a presumption that an idea is necessarily “right”, or if it’s in the best interest for the people of this country, it is more about what the particular party’s stance on that subject is. A majority of people are either a Republican or Democrat because that is what they have been taught is the correct way to view things. It has very little to do with actual thinking in present time; it is more about what they have been taught to think. They tend to embrace concepts and ideals put out by their party, rather than thinking independently for themselves as to whether they actually make sense. The American people are consistently questioning what is wrong with this country, why so many Americans are struggling, why the job market is shrinking, why people are losing their homes….the simple answer; Politics.

Politics are to blame for the current situation that our country finds itself in. It is easy to shift blame and point the finger and say that the President did this and his predecessor did that, but that is largely unfair. In reality, the President has very little power, it is Congress who has a majority of the power and they are the ones who can’t seem to agree with one another.

Political lines, drawn in the sand are what is preventing this country from evolving and ultimately stalling it’s prosperity. Congress puts on a good face and speaks highly about Bipartisanship and everyone working together to achieve a common goal, but we have yet to see very much of that. Even now, we see that the Speaker of the House, John Boehner has been publicly criticizing the President and is threatening to take legal action against him? How exactly can that be constituted as Bipartisanship?

Boehner’s grudge with the President has been ongoing for years now and what had once started as a political grudge has developed into what appears to be a personal vendetta between these two. How can we expect two of the most powerful and influential men in the country to be able to work together and come to some common ground if both are holding grudges? Neither man will likely bend on their stance. If neither man is willing to concede it leaves the potential for what could be a well thought out, beneficial Bill or Reform that would actually propel our country forward, to die before it even hits the floor for a vote, simply based on ego and principal alone. It is honestly not fair to the American people and not the way to move forward.

Unfortunately, politics are what currently runs this country. From state representatives, to governors, to members of Congress to the President, politicians are the ones who ultimately decide our fate and whether we prosper or suffer. We say that we are a Democratic nation and that everyone has a say in how it is run, but there is very little truth to that. We get to vote as to who gets put into office, but often times we are simply picking the lesser of two evils; not because they necessarily have the best ideas, but because that’s where our political affiliations lie.

As a country, we need to take a step back, reevaluate the way that we are heading and come up with a plan of action to better ourselves. We need to put aside the political lines and simply do what is right. The country will finally start to heal, once the politicians can see that.