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Child Custody: A Huge Complication in Divorce

family-law-329569_640Whenever an annulment is happening in the court, a judge will usually issue orders on child custody. Although, in some circumstances the parents are able to come to a mutual agreement with the help of a professional legal mediator or through a family consultation with an attorney. The orders are based on the best interest of the child and many factors are used to make a decision.

A big concern in determination is the financial stability of the parents. Other aspects that are involved are whether children are able to go to school from both living situations, and how the other sibling and family members are communicating with the child. The age of children also plays a major role in the proceedings as their age will often depend on how much adjustment they will be able to make. All these and more need to be included in the plan in order to make a proper judgement in the interest of the child. If problems arise then court is able to revisit the case and make necessary adjustments.

There are two types of visitation, sometimes called parenting time. The first is supervised visitation and second type is unsupervised visitation. Unsupervised visitation will give the noncustodial parent time with the child, often including spending the night or even multiple days a week. This schedule is usually set by the court using a defined set of days and times that coordinate with a typical work week for most people. On the other hand you have supervised visitation. This visitation is mandatory when the issuing judge has decided that the parent may cause physical or emotional harm to the child.

The decisions made in cases of divorce and child custody should be such that the interests of the children remain at the top priority. After which, the parent interests are addressed. There are many family lawyers out there that can help the parents by creating a plan that includes the interests of everyone and each one is equally satisfied, to a reasonable extent. If you find yourself in the situation where you have kids and a divorce is inevitable, please don’t hesitate to contact professional counsel immediately.